Rules and Constitution

Code of Conduct

The League abides by the SPN Code of Conduct
All members of the League are asked to read and abide by this Code.

League Rules & Constitution

Please click the link below for the most recent copy of the League Constitution and By-laws.
The Constitution outlines the rules that govern the league whereas the Bylaws are the rules of play.

Proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws are sent each year with registration information. Any member in-good-standing can submit a proposed revision. Decisions about changes are made at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Changes may be made to the By-laws at any meeting called for that purpose throughout the season. However, the majority of updates are completed at the AGM.

Please submit proposed revisions to at least five days prior to the AGM to have an impact on the upcoming season, and any time during the season to be considered for the following year. Submissions must show your full name and team name to be considered and you must be a member in-good-standing. The proposed change will be included on the web site, although you will not be identified as the one who submitted it unless requested.

The SPN Quick Reference Chart effective beginning 2021:

NOTE: Bats bearing the new ASA 2014 logo are only sold in the USA, and are not accepted for SPN use.

For more information on SPN’s Bat Policy as of 2021 – Click here