2022 MMRSL COVID-19 Return-to-Play Plan


Players, coaches, spectators, and any other individuals participating in slo-pitch and slo-pitch related activities do so with the knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved, and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health


The MMRSL does not dictate when local municipalities decide to open their fields and facilities for use by leagues, teams and players during the COVID-19 pandemic. The date on which slo-pitch activities will be allowed to commence may vary depending on the municipality; thus, League Executives will work closely with the the City of Mississauga Parks and Recreation department to establish a date when it is safe to return to play. Teams and players should be aware of, and respect, local restrictions in relation to recreation participation.

The purpose of this document is to outline plans, guidelines and procedures in contemplation of a Return to Play, addressing FIVE (5) major areas of concern with respect to physical distancing and to provide a certain level of comfort to participants by outlining steps to be taken to help maximize their safety and well-being. These areas are: (1) ENTRY; (2) OFF-FIELD; (3) ON-FIELD; (4) SPECTATORS; (5) UMPIRES

PLEASE NOTE: This document is comprised of suggested RECOMMENDATIONS that have been developed for use by all members to help ensure the health and safety of our players, coaches, and spectators as we return to play. This document will be revised on a regular basis as more details become available. The most up to date document can be found at www.mmrsl.com/return-to-play.


The full MMRSL Return-to-Play document can be downloaded here:


The contact tracing log form can be downloaded here: